Tomatoes : Six Varieties

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Tomatoes- are beautiful, plump, juicy beauties which are ripening within our large garden or field. Tomatoes can actually be eaten whole in raw form, used within salads or made into a yummy Tomato Salad alone. They can be used to make Salsas, Tomato Sauces, or even used in Sandwiches. They can be used to make soups, for when the weather is cold and miserable out. They can be used to make a Tomato Juice for when the weather is scorching hot out. One can simply get real creative with Tomatoes and make a Bruschetta, or even a Tomato Ketchup, Homemade Pizza Sauces, and a Marguerite Pizza with Basil. One can grill, marinate, freeze, can and even stuff them for a nice treat to a dinner.

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