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Leeks RC

Leeks- have tender and sweet white bottoms (along with the light green parts). When used as aromatic, they do their job well, contributing a subtle onion flavor and then melting nicely into the background flavors of a dish. You may not even notice them. But sometimes leeks get a much-deserved starring role, in which case they have a nicely distinguishable taste. The taste of Leeks is milder and sweeter than Onions. While raw leeks are sharp-tasting like onions, leeks that are properly cooked become mild, sweet and tender–even more so than cooked onions. They have more of a “fresh-herb” taste, with hints of tarragon and chives. They show up in savory soups, pastas and casseroles with foods like mushrooms, chicken, tomatoes, and of course potatoes.

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